Pellustro is a platform for managing and capturing quantitative opinions of stakeholders & SMEs on structured domain centric models with detailed analytics and benchmarks.

Pellustro uniquely integrates the power of community evaluations, sentiments, and expert advice with flexible analytics to derive trend and benchmark based insights and helps organizations support mandatory self assessments, measure alignment of capabilities and perceptions and benchmark over time and against peers.


Key Features

1. Context Specific Models: Flexibility to support any custom model or template for conducting maturity analysis, scorecard based comparisons, sentiment analysis and confidence index. Pellustro comes with out of the box models that can be used as-is or enhanced by organizations. Some of the models available out-of-the-box are :

  • Data Management Maturity Analysis
  • Critical Data Element (CDE) Selection
  • Vendor Scorecarding for Master Data Management (MDM) Platforms
  • Consumers’ Confidence Index around Data Quality, Data Adoption
  • Scorecarding of Data Vendors’ Data Quality

2. Institutionalized Benchmarking: Ability to view results of multiple assessments over time or across business groups and stakeholders to get comparative benchmarks that can be continuously measured and reported with consistency and complete audit trail.

Pellustro also offers the ability to benchmark your assessments against industry peer groups on-demand as well as through access to the growing benchmark repository of Pellustro.

3. On Demand Expertise: Ability to define panels representing stakeholders and experts within the organization as well as SME peers from the industry. Additionally, pellustro can also enable access to exclusive industry panels that help quickly validate and get expert participation in the specific assessment. Some of the premium panels comprise of :

  • Chief Data Officers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Operation Executives
  • Data Stewards, Governance Leaders

4. Cloud Based System: No installations or IT support with secure infrastructure.


5. Real Time Analytics and Reporting: Analyze responses from panels in real time with the right visualizations and charts. Slice, filter, weight, aggregate responses into actionable insights and customized reports.'


6. Open API, Data & Integration: Built over open technologies, the complete platform is exposed via REST APIs and can be integrated into existing systems, processes. Support for data APIs to export needed data into internal reporting, analytics or assessment solutions.


7. Device Independence: Access the platform’s responsive user interface over any device for a seamless experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, phones.


8. Enterprise Enabled: Platform is built for enterprises with best practices and standards in security, integrations, role based access as well as support for organization specific branding.



Assessment Types

Pellustro Assessment is a systematic collection of user responses and views supported by out of the box models, context specific templates and detailed analytics and reporting for the below assessment types:


User Types

Pellustro supports 3 system specific user types (i.e. Admin, Management and Panelist) and 5 assessment specific user roles (i.e. Publisher, Panelist, Manager, Analyst and Reviewer).  

Detailed profile information is maintained for each user, including:

  • Name and email address
  • User role, type and title
  • Assigned organization and organization unit details
  • Scope and status of the user