Question Template: Question template is a domain-centric model consisting assessment type, scoring methodology and questionnaire structure. Pellustro allows user to create custom models and offers a range of templates for maturity analysis, scorecards, sentiment analysis and confidence indices.

Assessment Types: Pellustro Assessment is a systematic collection of user responses and views supported by context specific templates, detailed analytics and reporting for the below assessment types:

Assessment Details: User can view assessment details by selecting 'Assessment Details' icon available against each assessment name in dashboard. Screenshot below: 

Create Assessment

User can create a new assessment through the 'Create New Assessment' link on Dashboard. Screenshot below:

User has to provide required details, select template and assign users in order to publish assessment through the below 4 sections:

1. Define Assessment

User has to provide basic information regarding template name, description, assessment period, sponsor etc. under the 'Define' section. User can also enable/disable comments, evidence capture and review requirement.

In case of a review enabled assessment, there are two types of review requirements available:

1. Assessment level review: by selecting this type, the entire assessment is assigned to the selected reviewer for review.

2. Category level review: by selecting this type, user can assign selected categories to selected reviewers for review.

Screenshot below of define section below: 

2. Select Template

 User can select assessment template (or template version) from the second section ‘Select Template’. Screenshot below: 

3. Select User(s)

Users selects assessment participants based on their organisation structure, taxonomy, role or title in the third section ‘Select User(s)’. Screenshot below: 

4. Assign Categories To User(s)

Pellustro allows user to assign selected categories, components or capabilities to selected participants/participant groups. In case of assigning the entire assessment to all participants selected, user can simply skip this section. 

User also selects reviewer in this section. Please note that any participant of the assessment can not be reviewer.

In the below screenshot, category 1 is assigned to 'Root A' participant group and Demo User is selected as the reviewer:

5. Publish Assessment

Once all the required details are complete, user publishes the assessment by assigning Manager and Analyst roles and comments in required. Screenshot below: