Admin accesses User Management through Dashboard>Admin>User Management.

Organization Structure: Pellustro's organization structure is a three level structure:

  • Level 1: Organizations (an organization can have multiple organization units assigned to it)
  • Level 2: Organization Units (an organization unit can have multiple users assigned to it)
  • Level 3: Users

Organization Taxonomy: Organization Taxonomies are segment based hierarchies that can be aligned to users as required. Pellustro supports up to 3 level of segment hierarchy for a given user. An user can also be assigned to multiple taxonomies. For example: 3 level geographic taxonomy for a US based 'Organization 1' is - The Americas/United States/Organization 1.

User Management allows user to manage (add/edit/delete) organizations structure and taxonomy. Below is the screenshot of User Management page with feature details:

Add Organization

User can create new organization through the 'Add Organization' button given on the User Management page by providing basic details (mandatory) and organizational taxonomy (optional).  Below is the screenshot of Add Organization page with feature details:

Edit Organization

User can edit details and taxonomy for any select organization by selecting 'Edit' icon in front of the organization name. Please note that the organization name can not be altered once created. Below is the screenshot of Edit Organization page with feature details: