As a cloud customer,Pellustro instances are upgraded by Element-22 automatically.

We distinguish between a maintenance upgrade and a minor or major upgrade. The details of the upgrade procedures differ slightly. 

Every upgrade will cause a planned downtime. To minimise the impact, we plan your upgrade outside of your normal business hours (9am-5pm in your timezone), when feasible. 

Upgrade to a later Maintenance Release

A maintenance release only contains bug fixes (sometimes a few minor enhancements). It is purely meant to improve the stability and/or performance of the product.

The date of a maintenance upgrade will be communicated to you through email, at least one week before the actual upgrade. These upgrades will always be done between 6am and 7am (UTC timezone).

Note: the date of a maintenance upgrade is non-negotiable, as it is essential to support the customer community effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance releases contain no changes to the Pellustro data structure, hence the downtime for a maintenance upgrade is estimated at a mere 5 minutes. 

Upgrade to a later Minor or Major Release

A minor or major release also contains new features, aside from bug fixes. This means that the Pellustro data structure may change during a minor or major upgrade, or that existing content will be migrated as well. This means that once the upgrade has been done, there is no going back, unless by restoring a backup from your environment prior to the upgrade.

The proposed date and time of a minor or major upgrade will be communicated to you through email, at least two weeks prior to the planned upgrade. These upgrades will always be done during the weekend to avoid any impact on the users.

Within these two weeks, you can request us to delay this upgrade (simply by replying to the email), proposing a later date and time, up to two months after the initially proposed upgrade date.