Pellustro License governs access for one or multiple organizations and/or individual users to the platform based on the agreement between the License owner and Pellustro. License defines access to the assessment templates, limitation (if any) to the number of the assessments that may be opened, look and feel of the interface and other settings.

Edit License Settings

Access to License Settings via Admin > License Settings. 

Only users with user user type Admin can view and edit this section.

Admins with access to multiple licenses may select which license to edit in a drop down menu in the top-right side of the browser window.

Available settings:

  1. Skip User Agreement - New users accept Pellustro’s "Terms & Conditions" as part of account activation process. This configuration setting allows administrator to skip user agreement step in account activation
  2. Send Activation Emails for New User On-boarding - Pellustro uses system generated emails as a primary communication medium for sharing account activation information of a new user. This feature allows administrator to enable/disable sending of these account activation mails.
  3. Use Email as User Id - Email is used as Login Id and is primary mechanism to notify users during assessment lifecycle management. Due to privacy issues, license administrators may choose to remove Email Id for such purposes. This feature allows administrator to enable/ disable type of Id used in Pellustro.
  4. Demographic Profile is hidden from logged-in Participants - Demographic profile of a user includes information about organization structure and assigned taxonomy. By default, respective demographic profile is available to each logged-in user. This feature allows administrator to enable/disable the availability of demographic profile for the logged-in user.
  5. Show Analytics View to Participants - By default, analytics section is visible to all participants of an assessment. This feature allows administrator to enable/disable the availability of Analytics for participants.

To apply the settings click "Save". Below is the screenshot of license settings page:

Manage PS list

Manage PS list link is available in the License Settings page which allows Admin to add/edit/remove types of comments and evidences assigned to assessments at License Level. This means the submitted types of comments and evidences will be applicable to all the assessments under the selected license. Screenshot below: