Manage Assessment


Manage assessment feature allows user extend assessment due dates, add/remove users, add delegates for assessment, view responses, reopening assessment, notifying users or closing assessments whenever required. Screenshot below:

Extend Due Date

User can extend due date of an assessment though the 'Extend Due Date' link in front of assessment names. Below is the screenshot of 'Extend Due Date' page


Manage Assessment

By selecting 'Manage' link, uses is directed to the assessment status page. Below is the screenshot of 'Assessment Status' page with feature details



Editing Assessment Name: User can edit assessment name by clicking name of the selected assessment being displayed on the header. Screenshot below.

Assessment Coordinators: User can view the list and details of assessment participants through 'Assessment Coordinators' link on Assessment Status page. Below is the screenshot of 'Assessment Coordinators' page


Add User: User can add a new participant to the assessment through 'Add User' link on Assessment Status page, as any of the below user roles:

  1. Manager
  2. Analyst
  3. Delegate: to submit response on-behalf-of any participant


Below is the screenshot of 'Add Use' page


Audit History for Assessments: User can view assessment's audit history by selecting 'Audit History' icon available on the assessment status page. There are two views for displaying audit history:

1. Assessment View of Audit History

2. Response View of Audit History



View Assessment Response: User can view assessment response submitted by any select participant through 'View Response' icon in front of participant nameBelow is the screenshot of 'View Response' page


Notify User: User can inform any select participant by email about assessment response through 'Notify User' icon in front of participant name.


Clone Response: user can copy a participant's responses to other selected participants by selecting 'Clone Response' icon in front of participant name. Below are the criteria for enabling  clone response feature:

1. For review disabled assessment: 'Clone Response' icon appears against 'completed' status once a participant submits response

2. For review enabled assessment: 'Clone Response' icon appears against 'in review'/'completed' status in once a participant submits response.


Below is the screenshot of 'Clone Response' page:



Assign Delegate: User can select participants added as delegates and assign them assessments to submit response through 'Assign Delegate' icon in front of participant name. Please note that participants previously added as delegates only appear in the list of delegates. In case user needs to add a new participant as delegate, this can be done through 'Add User' link as mentioned above. Below is the screenshot of 'Assign Delegate' page:

Remove Participant: User can remove assigned participants through 'Remove Participants' icon in front of participant nameBelow is the screenshot of 'Remove Participants' page:

Re-open Assessment

User can submit request to re-open an assessment from the Assigned section of Dashboard. Please note that this request can only be raised against assessments for which responses have been submitted. This request is sent to respective Manager/Owner of the assessment for approval. Screenshot of dashboard's Assigned section below:

By clicking the 'Reopen' link, the user is directed to a reopen message pop-up where he/she can define the reasons/comments for re-opening. Below is the screenshot of reopen message pop-up with the default message available:

Once Submitted, this request is sent to respective Manager/Owner of the assessment for approval. It will be visible to the manager in Manage Assessment page, against the user (who raised it). By clicking on the re-open icon, manager can view, approve or reject the request. Screenshot below:


Close Assessment


User can close any assessment through the 'Close Assessment' link in front of assessment names. Below is the screenshot of close assessment confirmation dialogue box: