Organization Structure

Pellustro's organization structure is a three level hierarchical structure categorizing users into organization units and organizations respectively :

• Level 1: Organizations (an organization can have multiple organization units assigned to it)

• Level 2: Organization Units (an organization unit can have multiple users assigned to it)

• Level 3: Users

Key organization structure rules:

1. The above three level hierarchy must be followed while creating organization structure

2. A user must belong to a parent organization unit, and can't be directly aligned to organization


Pellustro supports 3 system specific user types (i.e. Admin, Management and Panelist) and 5 assessment specific user roles (i.e. Publisher, Panelist, Manager, Analyst and Reviewer). Below are the various user types available along with their responsibilities:

User Profile: Taxonomies

Organization Taxonomies are segment based hierarchies that can be aligned to users as required. Taxonomies are used to categories users under various context-specific custom-defined hierarchies other than the organization structure; for example, User A (who belongs to organization unit Citi US and organization Citi respectively) can also belongs to the below taxonomies:

1. Geographic taxonomy: Americas/United States/A

2. Departmental taxonomy: Human Resources/HR NA/Learning and development/A


Best practice: User should be aligned at the leaf-level of taxonomy as taxonomy helps in filtering user responses at any selected level and presents comprehensive analytics for each dimension.


Key organization taxonomy rules:

1. There is no maximum limit on possible number of levels in any taxonomy

2. A user can be aligned to multiple taxonomies as required, but can appear only once in any one taxonomy hierarchy.

Bulk User Upload

Pellustro allows Admin to add more than one user through bulk upload feature. There are two options available under this feature: 

  • Option-1: Bulk user upload through template file
  • Option-2: Adding user details in the given table

Below is the screenshot of the bulk upload page with feature details: