Analytics Chart Types


Pellustro provides option to filters out results on the basis of below two categories (Screenshot below):

  • Organization levels filters
  • Taxonomy based filters

Side-by-Side Comparison

Side-by-Side Comparison feature compares results for two/more categories (or sub-categories) of a particular assessment; it supports both organizational level and taxonomy filters. Screenshot below.


User can apply selected weighted method or can create custom weights through the Weights tab. Screenshot below.


User set thresholds by defining upper and lower limits for analytics and view and categorized results accordingly. Threshold option is available under ‘Chart Settings’ tab in the left navigation bar. Screenshot below.


Benchmarks feature allows user to compare results for two/more assessments, unlike Side-by-Side Comparison where various categories/attributes of a single assessment is compare. Screenshot below.


Pellustro offers the below three kinds of reports:

  • Basic report- analytics report generated for a particular assessment.
  • Benchmark report- analytics report generated for a particular assessment compared to a benchmark assessment.
  • Comments and evidence report- analytics report generated with user’s details and comments/evidences provided for a particular assessment.