Pellustro Assessment is a systematic collection of user responses and views supported by out-of-the-box models, context specific templates and detailed analytics and reporting for the below assessment types:

Assessment Period

Assessment period specifies the reporting period of the assessment. For example, in case a user wants to assess a question template for 3 different reporting periods, he/she can create 3 assessments based on the selected template by providing required reporting periods as assessment periods.

Question – Participant Mapping

Pellustro allows user to assign selected categories, components or capabilities to selected participants/participant groups. In case of assigning the entire assessment to all participants selected, user can simply skip this feature.

In the below screenshot, category 1 is assigned to 'Root A' participant group and Demo User is selected as the reviewer:

Clone Response

User can copy a participant's responses to other selected participants by selecting 'Clone Response' icon in front of participant name. Below are the criteria for enabling clone response feature:

  • For review disabled assessment: 'Clone Response' icon appears against 'completed' status once a participant submits response
  • For review enabled assessment: 'Clone Response' icon appears against 'in review'/'completed' status in once a participant submits response.