Audience: This section is relevant to users having Admin access in Pellustro.

Admin accesses Manage Question Templates through Admin > Manage Question Templates.

Manage Question Templates allows Admin to manage (add/edit/delete/clone/link) question templates. Please note, a template can only be deleted by the user till it is in 'draft' version. Once a template is published, it can only be deleted by the Admin or the Pellustro Support Team. Below is the screenshot of Manage Question Templates page with feature details:

Delete an Existing Template

Once a template is created and published it appears in the list of Question template(s) from where it can be deleted by the Admin and the pellustro support team only.

Create Another Copy of an Existing Template

By using the clone icon an existing question template is cloned, and the copy will appear in the list of the Question Template itself.

Edit an Exiting Template

when we edit a question template the edited version appears in the list of the Question Template, and the template we edit is left unharmed.

Link Templates

Pellustro allows Admin to link two or more question templates. By clicking on a link icon a pop-up appears showing the templates a particular template can be linked with, and the template(s) it has already been linked with. A template can be linked with other templates only when the questions and summary of the templates are same. In analytics it is shown in the benchmarks where comparisons can be made between the two.

For more information on Pellustro and it's features, go to

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