Audience: This section is relevant to users having Admin or Researcher access in Pellustro.

Trends provide a refine visualisation of response comparison between the versions of templates in a different reporting period  for a license. Visual entity can be viewed by selecting the features provided as browse by:

  1. Template
  2. Participant
  3. Participant Group

Browse by Template

List of template is displayed on click by browse by > template

on selecting a template , visual representation of the response can be viewed in chart and table.

Representation of chart:- Chart can be modified according to the reporting period and participant groups.

Representation of table:- Various options are in table to refine the comparison.

Browse by  Participant :-

Select a participant to view its data:


View by template:

Browse by  Participant group :- 

View by participant groups:-  Participant groups responses are being displayed in line chart.