Add/Update Multiple Users through Bulk Upload

Admin can also add multiple user through Bulk Upload feature. Select 'Add multiple users' icon given in the Manage Users page and provide basic details. There are two options available under this feature: 

  • Option-1: Bulk user upload through template file
  • Option-2: Adding user details in the given table


  • Bulk user upload through template file: This feature lets the admin download and fill the template and upload it when done.
  • Filling the excel template:  After downloading the template there is list of existing users  on the excel sheet and you can  update existing user detail or add new user in user detail tab in  the downloaded excel sheet. There is no need to add current status for the new user to be added. (Note: use only the downloaded excel sheet from the link)
  • Profiles scope for the new user should be choose from the existing profiles. The list of existing profiles is displayed in the profile tab of the excel sheet.


  • Adding user details in the given table: This feature lets the admin add multiple in the given details. Click on the plus icon and add user details. You can also Delete and copy/clone a user in the Actions column.  Yellow background indicate existing users and name can't be edited.

  • Assign Profiles in Multiple Add Users: Assign profiles (location and role) to the multiple users in bulk by double click on the cells.


  • Confirm in Multiple Add Users: Confirm feature provides detail about the number of user about to be added, and a confirm and save button to add the users.