From the platform perspective, Pellustro has only two(2) types of users differentiated based on login/ access rights - Admin and Participant. These users can have different roles in an assessment context. 

Platform-specific user types

User responsible for overall administration at license level.
User responsible for submitting response of an assessment

Assessment-specific user role

Role Description
User publishes an assessment and has complete rights for the assessment.
User provides the response for an assessment. A participant is a combination of profile name and user(s).
Manager/ Sub-manager
User responsible for assessment life-cycle management that involves sending reminders to participants, adding participants in existing assessment, reopen assessment response, send participation email and various other activities. The role of Manager can be assigned either by the Manager or by the AdminThe user acts as a Manager for the assigned assessment only.
User analyzes the assessment to provide useful insights about the assessment. The role of Analyst can be assigned either by the Manager or by the Admin. The user acts as an Analyst for the assigned assessment only.