After successful login, User lands on the dashboard. The view of dashboard depends on the Assessment specific user role. The dashboard view consists of three (3) panels appearing based on the role of the user.

  • Unpublished
  • Published
  • Assigned

Panel\ Role


Manager/ Sub-manager




Read & Write


Read & Write

Read & Write



Read & Write

Read & Write

Read & Write

   Read & Write

Unpublished Panel

User of Admin type or Publisher role starts creating an assessment by clicking Create New Assessment link on the panel. This panel also lists assessments that have been created but not yet published by the User(s).

Published Panel

This panel shows the assessments that have been published by the Admin and the publisher with other details like name of the assessment, reporting period, due date, no. of participants and all the actions that can be performed against an assessment.




Manage Assessment

This action opens a wide range of options to manage the life-cycle of the assessment. Users with Publisher and Manager role can perform this action.

Close Assessment

This action applies Read Only restrictions on the selected assessment i.e. Participants cannot edit and/or submit the responses. This action can be undone. Users with Publisher and Manager role can perform this action.


View Analytics of the selected assessment.

This action helps to download different reports like Participants response, Benchmarks, Assessment progress status, Assessment response status.
Cancel Assessment

This action makes an assessment unavailable to all the participants from the list of the assessments in the Assigned panel.

This  action allows to clone an assessment with options to include the participant responses, question assigned and input types.

Clone Assessment

Clone assessment option appears in the published section under the three-dot icon which allows the Admin or Manager to copy an assessment along with its participant filled responses, question assigned and input comments  related to that assessment.

In first section users are allowed to modify the fields of the assessment

  • Title
  • Reporting Period
  • Description
  • Sponsor
  • Assessment active period

Second section related to the instruction about the changes that appear to the cloned assessment based on the actions taken by the user.

There are following options in the unpublished sections:

  1. Change the template :- It allows to change  the question template for cloning template , if true then cloned template moved to the unpublished section which is accessible to the admin to make modification.
  2. Manage Input types :- If input types is allowed for  an assessment then user can modify the input by clicking the link and only allowed to add/edit a new input or delete the existing input.

  3. Copy the participant :- User can copy the existing participants of an assessment to the clone assessment.
  4. Modify the question :- User can select to modify the assigned questions for the participant, if true then it moved to the unpublished section where an admin can modify the cloned assessment.

Published section appears when change template and modify the question are selected to no . 

Published section allow the user to copy the responses related to the participant and also to copy the user inputs of the participant. This cloned assessment appears under the published section.

Assigned panel 

The assigned panel shows the assessment assigned to the participants and the Admin. In the actions column, a user can Submit, Edit, View, Upload Response, and Request to Reopen an Assessment Response. User can also view Analytics for any select assessment through the dashboard. Screenshot below: dashboard. Screenshot below: 



Start Response

Participant can start working on the assigned assessment.

Submit Response

An assessment can be submitted directly by clicking on this icon if only the user has already filled and saved the responses.

View Analytics

Participants can view analytics, download reports, apply filter(s) on the assessment data set.

Request to Re-open Assessment

Participant can raise a request to re-open an assessment against which responses have already been submitted (Status of the assessment should not be Close). Publisher/ Manager is notified for such request. The request can be to update rating and/or comments.  Once approved by the Manager, the status of the assessment is set to "In Progress'.

View Response

View the assessment response submitted.
Upload Response
Participant can download and fill the template file and upload the response once done.

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