Audience: This section is relevant to users having Publisher and Manager level role in an assessment.

It is a big challenge for the manager of an assessment to ensure greater involvement or participation of users for better results, producing reports and various other operational task efficiently. This feature is designed for making such assessment related actions easier to manage. The mini dashboard on top shows statistics about the participation of users by status - Not Started, In Progress and Completed. Publisher and/or Managers can perform four(4) type of actions on this page.

Type of action
1. Assessment level 
Extend Due Date, Manage Assessment Coordinators, Add Profile, Audit History
2. User level 
Notify User, Remove Profile, Re-open Assessment, Submit Response and Clone Response capability.
3. Bulk 
Notify User, Re-open Assessment and Remove Profile, Upload response, Submit response, Update profiles
4. Navigational 
View Analytics, View Trend, View Reports, Go to Dashboard

Below is the screenshot of 'Assessment Status' page with feature details:

Editing Assessment Name

User can edit assessment name by clicking name of the selected assessment being displayed on the header. Along with non-editable assessment reporting period. Screenshot below.

In the above snap we see the 'View By' option for filtering grid by different organization(s) and assessment status (Not Started, In Progress, Completed). 

Assessment level 

  • Extend Due Date

This icon helps extend the due date of an Assessment.

  • Manage Assessment Coordinators

A manager can view the list and details of assessment participants through 'Assessment Coordinators' icon. From here the user can be assigned role(s) of a manager or an analyst.  A user can be assigned the role of both manager and analyst together, with that we have to select it's organization level as well.

Below is the screenshot of 'Manage Assessment Coordinators' page: 

  • Add Profiles In Assessment

User can add a new participant to the Assessment through 'Add Profile' icon by filling the basic details, linking the profile with user(s) and assigning questions to the participants. user(s) and assigning questions to the participants. 

  • Audit History for Assessments

User can view assessment's audit history by selecting 'Audit History' icon. There are two views for displaying audit history:

Assessment View
It shows the changes made that are related to the Assessment.

Participant View
 It shows the changes made that are related to the Participants.

User level

  • View Assessment Response

The user with admin or manager role can view assessment response submitted by any select participant through 'View assessment Response' icon in front of participant name. Below is the screenshot of 'View Response' page: 

  • Notify User

The manager can inform any select participant by email about assessment response through 'Notify User' icon in front of participant name. Only the participants who haven't completed the assessment can be notified.

  • Clone Response

The manager can copy a participant's responses and inputs associated with it to other selected participants by selecting 'Clone Response' icon in front of participant name. The response to a participant can be cloned only when the participant has completed his/her Assessment. By clicking on the icon it will shows all participants for whom the response can be cloned. The response of a participant can be cloned for multiple participants. 

  • Remove Profile

User can remove assigned profile through 'Remove Profile' icon in front of a profile name. It asks for confirmation before a profile is permanently removed. Below is the screenshot.

  • Re-open Response

Manager can re-open responses by the 're-open responseicon in front of a participant name. By clicking on the icon, a pop-up appears showing the default message where the manager can define the reasons/comments for re-opening. Below is the screenshot of reopen message pop-up with the default message available: Screenshot below:

Note : Participants can also submit request to re-open an assessment from the Assigned panel of Dashboard. This request can only be raised against assessments for which responses have been submitted. This request is sent to respective Manager/Admin of the assessment for approval.

  • Link User with a Profile

In the manage assessment page user(s) can be edited to a profile. By clicking on the profile a pop-up appears showing the details about the linked users to the profile. List of the linked user are displayed in the table with action to delete linked users  or send activation email to the inactive users.

  • Update profile (single)

User(s) profile can be updated by clicking the profile displayed in the table for an open assessment. This feature allow to update profile name by double clicking, profile scope ,linked users and assigned question to it. Profiles status should be Not Started or In Progress.

  • Bulk profile update

If selected profiles status are in not started or in progress can be available for bulk update feature. This feature allow user(s) to update the profile name, profile scope, linked users and assigned questions of the selected users.

Add Profiles

New profiles can be added to the assessment through the add profile button from the button menu section. 

Bulk Actions

This feature is applicable only when more than 1 user are selected. As the name suggests it helps in performing bulk actions, by which we can remove users, notify users & reopen assessment. 

Actions that can be performed vary on the basis of the type of user selected. 

All users with in-progress assessment status
When all the users with In-Progress assessment status are selected, the bulk actions helps to Upload Response, Submit ResponseRemove,Reset response, Update and Notify the profiles selected.

All users with completed assessment status

When all users with complete assessment status are selected, then the bulk actions helps to Re-open Assessment, Reset Response and Remove the profiles selected.

Users with complete and in-progress status
When the profiles selected include both the profiles of complete assessment status and In-Progress assessment status bulk actions helps in  Remove  and Reset response all the profiles selected. 

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