Report section can be used to get information about the progress, response, benchmark status and audit history of participants and assessments. Generated reports are available to the user email or can be downloaded from the report page. Six types of reports can be created:-

  1. Participant Response - Basic
  2. Benchmark
  3. Assessment Progress Status
  4. Assessment Response Status
  5. Audit History - Assessment
  6. Audit History - Participants

Participant Response - Basic

Participant Response provides information about the response status of the participants with their filled responses for the assessment. Option provided to view responses of the users that not submit responses.


Benchmark report compares the response of the participants of one assessment to other selected assessment. Assessments can be selected from the provided benchmark assessments list with editable short title that represent selected assessment. 


Assessment Progress Status

Assessment progress status report  provide the progress status of participants of an assessment.


Assessment Response Status

Assessment response status provide detail about the responses filled by the participants according to the assigned questions of an assessment.

Audit History - Assessment

Audit History - Assessment provides details about changes that are related to the Assessment e.g. assessment status (Publish/Save/Closed), update user role (Manager/Analyst), add or remove linked users, update the profile etc.

Audit History - Participants

Audit history participants provide details about changes that are related to the Participants e.g. Response (Save/Submit/Reopen) .