Audience: This section is intended for the Participant users

‘Start Response’ icon in Assigned panel redirects user to the Edit Response page. The response page is a single long template displaying questions as well scoring level options available in the assessment model. Help or Info icon helps to understand detailed explanation of a question or a scoring level. User selects a appropriate scoring level to register his/ her response. Besides this, the page has different type of actions available in the page that can be categorized into following

  • Informative
  • Assessment Option Settings 
  • Assessment Response

The brief description of each of these action categories is mentioned in subsequent section below.

Informative actions

View Profile
View basic details about the Assessment. It also shows the respondent's profile based on the visibility configuration in license settings.
Assessment Status

Participant's view of the current status of an assessment. It shows the status of Completed and Pending Categories/ Components/ Capabilities depending on the structure of the Question Template. Mandatory comments if not filled get notified on submitting response.

Template Navigator

Allows user to 
  • View status of assessment response completion till the last level
  • Easily scroll to the appropriate Category/ Component/ Capability
  • View average score at Category Level

Beside the actions mentioned above, user can also use Expand All, Collapse All button available in table header and top-level category/ component level for ease of navigation.

Assessment Option Settings actions

View Assigned Questions Only

Allow user to view only assigned questions for better user experience. This option appears only when the user has been assigned a sub-set of questions from the template.
Skip Question

Skip question helps user to skip a question and move on to the next question. It appears by default when all the questions are not mandatory for the user.


  • By default a user is assigned all the questions during Create Assessment until it is changed in Assign Question to Participants step. This can not be changed once published.
  • Skip Question is set in Define Assessment step while creating an assessment. It can be enabled/ disabled and can not be changed once published. See Create Assessment for more details.

Assessment Response action

Save or Submit Response
  • Save and Continue - Allows user to save response from time to time so that no response is lost due to unfortunate reasons.
  • Save and Return to Dashboard - Allows user to save the response and then return to the dashboard.
  • Submit - Allows user to submit the response. By clicking on submit a pop-up will appear showing the status of the category completed, component completed, and capability completed. Click on Submit button in the modal window to submit assessment response and return to dashboard.
  • Clicking Outside the Assessment - If the user clicks on something that makes him/her leave the page a pop-up will appear showing that the responses for the assessment might not be saved, and ask for the permission whether the user wants to leave the page or stay on the page.

CancelReturn to the dashboard page. If there are un-saved responses, 

Description helps user understand the context of the question. It adds meaningfulness to the questions.

Assessment Level Comments
User can access this feature by clicking the ‘Comments’ icon for assessment level PS comments. Below is the screenshot of this section
Question Level Comments
User can access this feature by clicking the ‘Comments’ icon against each level of the question structure, which allows him/her to add comments at any category, component or capability of the question.

Mandatory CommentsAdmin have the option to make the comments mandatory for a particular response. Without providing the required comments, response is not allowed to be submitted.

1. When the response for the mandatory comment is selected.

2. On top of the modal mandatory input type name is displayed according to which the comments can be filled.

3. After filling the mandatory input the comment colour changes to green then the response is allowed to submit.


  • Only those PS types along with datatype will be available that are specified by Admin in the  create assessment page. 

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