Pellustro is hosted on Cloud and accessed through sub-domain URLs over HTTPS protocol. Each client will have a unique sub-domain url format ( Pellustro supports different methods for authenticating users based on client configuration. The supported methods are:

  • Enterprise Directories: SAML-P, LDAP, AD
  • Custom Credentials: Username & Passwords

Login using Enterprise Directories

Users authenticated using directory based login seamlessly and their authentication is performed as per their credentials in enterprise. User clicks in Login with Single Sign-On button.

Login using Custom Credentials

Pellustro account details are shared with the Users through account activation email once the user setup process is complete. Username is Email Id of the user. Password strength and complexity is based on the configuration defined for the license.

To activate account in Pellustro:

  1. Click on Click Here to Activate Your Account link received in the email. 
    • Email has Login i.e Username & Name information of the user. The activation link redirects user to the password page from where user creates a new password. You can also copy paste the URL link to a new browser window.
  2. Click on Confirm button. After success message, user is redirected to the login page.

The steps explained above are relevant to Participant User type. Pellustro supports Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for Admin Users to provide extra layer of security. Admin user can login as Admin or as a Participant. 

The MFA settings are configurable and appear based on license setting

If User selects to continue as Admin user, he/she is asked to enter Phone # that will receive a verification code. After entering the code and successful verification, the relevant menu options appear as well.


  • Didn't receive the activation email? Check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. 
  • You can also request your licenses admin user to resend activation email.

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