Audience: This section is relevant to all users that are using DB based i.e Username & Password based authentication for login.

The Forgot Password feature is intended to be used for:

  • Recovery where users have forgotten existing passwords
  • Re-setting of passwords where user passwords have expired

The process to update password is explained below

  1. Click on the Forgot Your Password link given on the login page. The system will redirect you to the Forgot Password page.In Forgot Password page:
    • Email ID: Specify the registered email ID as mentioned in Account Information.
    • reCAPTCHA Challenge: Click on I'm not a robot checkbox and respond to reCAPTCHA challenge as seen.
  2. Click Submit.
    The system sends an email to your email ID.
  3. Click the Click Here to Reset Your Password link in the email you received. You can also copy-paste the URL in the browser.
    You will be redirected to the Reset Password page. This URL is valid for 2 days only.

  4. In Reset Password page, enter your new password as per the password policy applicable.
  5. Click Change.
    The new password is updated, and you can use it to log in to Pellustro.


  • Didn't receive the change password email? Check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. 
  • You can also request your licenses admin user to send Change Password email.

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