Add/Edit/Update/Clone Template 

It can be done in two ways:-

A. Through Template Upload

Admin can create a new template through the 'Add Template' icon given on the manage question template page. This button directs Admin to a template upload option page which allows to create a new template by providing the below required details given in the sample template sheet. By default, the sample sheet has blank fields for a 3 level template, the user can delete Level 3 fields in case a 2 level structure is required. Below is the screenshot of Template Upload page with feature details:

B. Through Application

Admin can also create a new template through the application by closing the template upload option page and providing required details for the below 3 sections;

1. Template Properties

Title, summary, description, licenses, manage PS list and scoring model are defined under Template Properties section. Please note the following fields are mandatory:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Description

2. Template Scoring Levels

Pellustro allows user to define custom scoring criteria by setting up base score, discrete scoring and custom-level description against an assessment or any select question. 

3. Template Structure

Questionnaire Structure: Pellustro supports both 2 level (Category and Capability) and 3 level (Category, Component and Capability) templates as given below:

  • Level 1: Category (category of a set of questions) 
  • Level 2: Component (sub-category of a set of questions) 
  • Level 3: Capability (questions)

Manage Description: The descriptions linked to all levels of Question Template can be managed through upload and download of single text file.

User needs to provide the below basic attribute details at each level, these attributes can be accessed through right click on any select Category, Component or Capability :-

Short Title: Short title contains summary of a Category, Component or Capability and is used in Analytics to represent the respective question. Short title is mandatory for each level and has text limit of 60 characters.

Description: Description provides complete details and helps user to understand the context of a select question. It is mandatory for each level and has no text limit.

Reference ID: User can add reference number or identification to a question linking it to the original question source. It is not a  mandatory field and has text limit of 20 characters.

Add/Remove Node: User can add a new level below the selected level though Add Node option. Similarly any selected level can be removed through Remove Node button. Use can also change the level of a node by just drag and drop and put it over and under the other nodes. 

Template Preview

User, at any point, can preview the saved template through the 'Preview' button given in front of template names. Below is the screenshot of Template Preview page with feature details:

  • Template Structure Summary -  It shows the number of total category, components and capability the Question Template has. 
  • Export - Export icon lets the user export the Question Template in an excel sheet.
  • Expand and Collapse - The plus sign lets user expand the template, which will show all the components and capabilities of the categories.The minus sign lets user to collapse the template, which will show only the categories.
  • Description - This icon shows the description that has been assigned to each category, component and capability while creating the Question Template.

Analytics Preview :-  Analytics preview provide a  glimpse of analytics  on the template level and how drill down the analytics looks alike.

Clone, Minor and Major changes

Clone : - Clone of a question template occurs when the following conditions met.


  • if at scoring level values are changed.
  • if Category level questions add/remove
  • if Category level questions short title changes

Minor Changes : - Minor changes of a question template occurs when the following conditions met

  • If scoring level values  remains same 
  • At question level if short title is not changed
  • If Question Template details changes
  • If scoring level description changes

Major Changes : - Major changes of a question template occurs when the following conditions met

  • if category question is same but component and capability question are changed
  • if category level question short title is same but component and capability level questions short title are changed

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