To ensure full and secure backup, Pellustro will handle backups in multiple ways:

Database Backup

  • Daily full back of the database for every customer

  • Backup saved on a dedicated customer server

  • Last 18 database backup are stored

File Backup

Daily, a backup of the ‘variable’ files on the customer VM is taken using our backup system. These files include all the data files used by the product:

  • Daily backup of log files

  • Daily backup are stored for 30 days

  • Backup are encrypted and stored in separate segment in the data centre

Off-site Backup

  • Backups copied to offsite location after every two weeks


The procedure to recover a (encrypted) backup, is dependent on the event that triggers the need for recovery.

  • Data loss / corruption
    • The file(s) will be restored to its last good state.
  • Database corruption
    • The database dump will be analyzed to find the timestamp of corruption. After this investigation, we restore the last known good dump.
  • Server problems
    • We analyze the server problems, if it's not found in a reasonable time then a full restore will be done, after agreement with the customer. Virtual Machines can be replaced easily. The application + data can be restored in a short time.
  • Datacenter crash + loss of data
    • In the very worst case, the offsite backups can be restored in a different data center. These offsite backups are maximum 14 days old.