In Pellustro the role of a participant can be managed through the "Manage Assessment Coordinator" feature. This feature helps clients to either grant or change the role of a particular participant. 

Given below are the few simple steps on how to add a 'New Asessment Coordinator' :-

1. Go to the Dashboard, in the published assessment panel you will find 'Manage Assessment' in the Actions column. By clicking on Manage Assessment, you'll be directed to the Manage Assessment page.

2. On Manage Assessment page click on the 'Manage Assessment Coordinators' icon.

3. A pop-up will appear showing all the participants and their current roles in a particular Assessment.

4. Find the user that you want to assign as a Coordinator by filtering on the basis of Name or Email-id and then select the Role that you want to assign them. They can be assigned the role of an Analyst(for analyzing an assessment's response) and the role of a Manager(for managing the assessment overall). A participant can be assigned the role of both the Analyst and the Manager.

5. Click on Submit once you have Selected the desired set of Coordinators and their Roles as a Coordinator.

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